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E-Commerce Platform - Intensive Retail

E-Commerce Platform - Intensive Retail
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Responsive E-shop
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WCAG 2.0
Fully harmonized system for disabled people

If you are a professional looking to have the best and most economical e-commerce solution possible, this package will definitely cover you. It has a specialized control system for your stocks. Very easy, using a barcode. You can remove inventory directly from your warehouse and products can be removed directly from your ad on partner platforms.

This package includes:


  • Fast product management
  • Fast order management
  • Skroutz on / off (Possibility of selection per product if it will be displayed on the platform)
  • Bestprice on / off (Possibility to choose per product if it will be displayed on the platform)
  • Shopflix on / off (Possibility to choose per product if it will appear on the platform)
  • Same product in a different color
  • Same product in another dimension
  • Intensive retail system


  • Interface with skroutz
  • Interface with bestprice
  • Interface with Shopflix
  • Interface with Facebook
  • Tag manager (Google analytics Google ads)
  • Registration in the Google search engine


  • Specialized freight billing system
  • Interface with Viva, for direct electronic card payments in your online store.
  • Possibility of cash on delivery as well as bank deposits
  • Shipment automation (choose a courier company)
  • Order Reffer

Front page

  • 2 Languages ​​Greek, English and without any charge we add any additional language you wish
  • Dedicated Server
  • GDPR tools
  • Terms of use
  • Privacy Policy
  • Responsive graphic design
  • Mobile Friendly graphic design
  • Banner
  • Logo Design
  • Full harmonization with WCAG 2.0